9 Key Points for a Successful Online Store
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The process of opening a virtual store is very similar to that of a physical store and if we want it to be successful, we should give it the same opportunities.

Nowadays, thanks to the advances in technology, creating a virtual store is one of the best advantages that companies have to offer their products in an effective and immediate way.

However, we must be aware that a high degree of professionalism is required to ensure that the expected return on investment (ROI) arrives as planned.

9 Key points that every online store must have :

An Attractive Design

The image and personality of our online store, is reflected in our products, generates confidence and closes online sales. But in addition to this, you must take care of what is known as UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience), these are technical and quality aspects, that your developer must know perfectly and apply them if or if, investing time in it, will guarantee results that will pay off in spades.

Multiple Payment Methods

Offering your customers secure and recognized payment options, such as PayPal, OpenPay, MercadoPago, etc., allows our users to buy and pay in a convenient way, either with credit cards, debit cards, SPEI or cash, in convenience stores such as OxxO, 7eleven, Farmacias del Ahorro, Walmart, Extra, etc., provide your customers with these systems and the results will not be long in coming, to complement them do not forget to read the following Key Point.

Plugins, Addons and Applications

Integrating programs that complement or improve our online store, is undoubtedly one of the best investments. Known as Plugins, Addons or Apps, they optimize or perform many of the repetitive tasks and make them automatic, for example sending payment reminders, abandoned carts, customer birthdays, loyalty programs with coupons, etc., are fine details that your developer should know.

Professional SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization, known as SEO, must be done from the foundations of your online store and not only superficially, because only in this way you will get your online store to the coveted first page of Google, only a team that designs, programs and has deep knowledge of SEO, is able to perform this crucial task.

Link to your ERP or CRM

Keeping updated inventories and prices of more than 100 products and their variants manually is an almost impossible task, if your store is to be a success, a link to your ERP or CRM administrative systems is the only option, make sure the developer has the knowledge and experience to perform this task and keep your site ready to sell.

Multiple Contact Options

We all want to be well attended, therefore, we must offer multiple contact options in our virtual store, that will give users the possibility of attention they are looking for, with this we mean to have telephones, WhatsApp, Messenger, Online Chat, and Online Forms, all of them attended immediately by trained personnel.

Shipping Systems

Integrating reputable and highly efficient shipping systems such as FedEx, DHL and others, offers several advantages, the main one being that they have systems that communicate with your store to inform you and your customer, the status of your shipment. If you have shopped online, you know the joy it gives us, to be notified by mail or SMS, that our purchase has been shipped, is on its way and when it arrives.

Integration with Social Networks

Surely you, as well as your users, use social networks several times a day, to ensure the success of your online store, you can not do without them, link and present your products using Facebook catalogs, Pinterest images, Google Shopping and Google Mas results or participate in Amazon and the most popular MarketPlaces is the fine point that will lead your online store to exceed your sales goals.

Google Analytics

For your online store to be truly successful, you need a statistical analysis that allows you to know what means your customers used to contact you and at what time they bought or abandoned the shopping cart. And google analytics must be programmed to offer you that analysis, because the important thing is to make your online store, not only to be very visited, but to convert those visitors into customers.

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